Upcoming Events

June 21, 2018: Talk (co-sponsored)
4.00pm-5.20pm, Ford School, 1110 Weill Hall
Raj Chetty, Stanford University (link)

June 21, 2018: Lab Meeting
End-of-Academic Year Event & Meeting with Raj Chetty

October 22, 2018: Talk (co-sponsored)
Time & loation TBD
Tressie McMillan Cottom: Lower Ed in the Digital Society


Past Events

April 17, 2018: Lab Meeting
Asta Breinholt, Shauna Dyer

April 4, 2018: Discussion Session
Asta Breinholt: Comparative Evidence on Educational Mobility

March 20, 2018: Lab Meeting
Richard Rodems, Elizabeth Burland

February 20, 2018: Lab Meeting
Davis Daumler, Brittany Vasquez

February 16, 2018: Brownbag Lunch
Alexandra Killewald, Harvard University

January 23, 2018: Lab Meeting
Luis Flores: Sociology of Taxation